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We don’t just print shirts

Although we are a t-shirt printing company, we are more than just t-shirt printers, we are your Ohana.

Being locally brought up, owned, and operated, the Aloha and world-renowned Hawaii hospitality have naturally set into our company’s foundation. So, with every customer that we serve, they become more like a family member rather than just a customer.

With every customer, we strive to serve first and then print t-shirts. Anyone with the know-how and proper equipment can print t-shirts. But to do so with the utmost professional service and quality is a whole different aspect. And that’s what we here at Plan B Printing strive to provide you with.

So if you need quality t-shirts printed or consultation, contact us and become a part of the Ohana! We look forward to meeting and serving you!

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Plan B Printing started off as a hobby printing unique and one-of-a-kind t-shirts for personal use and to sell some on the side. Then we printed for friends and family looking to create their own designs and t-shirt brands.

Before we knew it, the demand for printing t-shirts became abundant and we were booked! So, in 2004 we decided to open up our first physical location in Pearl City to fulfill our orders and Plan B Printing was created.

Over the years, as the word went around about our company, more and more people came to inquire. There, we just went along and kept serving, striving to be the best at our passion and craft. We learned along the way to better our company and our service. And it paid off as we built the reputation of being Oahu’s go-to t-shirt printing shop.

Growing as a company, in 2015 we decided to move to Waipahu to better serve the people of Oahu.

And here we are today, still striving to serve and be Oahu’s #1 go-to t-shirt printers.

We are not the backup plan. Plan your t-shirt printing needs with the “B”est with Plan B Printing!

“Experts at serving with Aloha. The Best at quality t-shirt printing.” – Plan B Printing

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