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When planning a t-shirt business, it’s very important to think about how you can actually sell your products.

Fortunately, there are lots of different ways to sell your t-shirts. May it be online or offline, you can find various venues to exchange your products for cash. Where? Here are some examples:


In this modern age, the world wide web is one of the best places to sell your t-shirts. Some of the perfect venues for you to start selling are the following:

In Your Website

Creating your own website is the best way to establish your own shop on the internet. It’s your headquarters and where people can go to know more about your wares and your business as well. It should also be where all of your online content and marketing efforts should point to.

Your website should also be the best place to buy your products by offering special deals and promotions that are exclusive to your website. This way, your customers will have a nice way to connect directly with you.

Through Social Media

Lots of brands around the globe have made themselves successful by establishing a strong social media presence. It’s also a very wise technique because these sites are where the people are. Tapping into the millions of people using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular platform will help expose your brand to a wider audience.

Through E-Tailers

Selling through various online retailers like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon among many others is a lot like tapping into social media. What makes it different is the fact that the people that visit these sites are already thinking of making a purchase.

Through Niche E-Commerce Sites

Selling shirts in niche e-commerce sites is another step closer to making a sale because the people visiting these sites are already looking for t-shirts to buy. However, like e-tailers, you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the competition in these websites. There’s also the additional costs of becoming a part of such marketplaces that you have to worry about.

In a Brick and Mortar Store

There are also various ways how you can sell offline. Some of the best venues include:

Your Own Shop

If you have the budget for it, setting up a brick and mortar store for your t-shirts can be a good idea. Just be ready for the responsibilities, costs, and requirements it comes with.

In a Consignment Store

Having someone else do the selling for you can also be a good way to make your t-shirt business grow. Delegating this arduous task can save you from the hassle of day to day operations and even save you some costs in the process. This method can also help you capitalize on the established reputation of the consignment store of your choice.

At Fairs

Participating in niche events created for your target market is another effective way to sell your t-shirts. With so many different events created to gather folks with similar interests, it won’t be impossible to find one where your products will appeal to its attendees. So start researching and you’re sure to find a great place to sell your products.

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