T-Shirt Screen Printing Pricing

T-Shirt Screen Printing Pricing

The most common question, understandably, when getting t-shirts printed is, “how much does it cost?

When printing custom t-shirts, several factors will determine how much your t-shirts will cost. Here, we will go over the different factors that influence the cost of your shirts.

T-Shirt Amount – How many t-shirts are you looking to get printed?
Typically, the more t-shirts you print, the cheaper the price-per-shirt costs.
For example, an order of 48 shirts will cost more per shirt compared to 144 shirts.

Note: We have a minimum order amount of 36 shirts.

Amount Of Colors In Your Design – How much colors does your design have?
The more colors your design has will increase the price of the order.

Color Of Shirt – What shirt(s) color are you looking to print your design?
Shirt color will influence the price because some colors require base coats to be laid down first to get a quality print of your design.
An order with multiple shirt colors will increase the price as well.

Number Of Print Areas – What areas do you want your designs printed (Front, Back, Sleeve…).
The more print areas you have will increase the price.

That’s the basic components of what will determine the price of your t-shirts. Here are other costs of services that will influence price.

Design Services – Need a design for your shirts? We can help you get a design made for you.

Artwork Vectorization – We need to vectorize and separate the colors of your artwork. If you already have it vectorized, great, it’ll be cheaper.

Special Inks – If you desire special inks or styling, it may increase the price of your shirts. (See T-Shirt Printing 101).

Rush Order – We try our best to get your order(s) fulfilled as quickly and with the best quality as possible, with respect to orders that are first in line. If you require a short fulfillment time for your order, a “Rush Order Fee” may apply.

In you have any questions and would like to inquire, you may call us at (808) 725-2955. Or simply fill out the Instant Quote form and someone from our staff will contact you soon.

Much Mahalo and we look forward to serving you!

“Price is what you pay, value is what you receive.” – Plan B Printing


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