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Go online to learn about the silk screen printing process, and you’ll find plenty of websites, videos, and articles about how easy it is for a newbie like you to do it yourself.

The problem with that approach is that it can get too tedious and take too much time and effort. What’s more, the result can look decidedly amateurish. That’s why it often much more sensible to let a professional screen-printing company like us to do the work.

So how does this process work? It’s a lot simpler than you may expect. Though individual companies have their methods, in general, the basic steps are all the same.

Create The Design
This is your main responsibility as the customer, though you should think of it as the fun part. You get to customize the shirt you need or want, which is quite helpful if you want to print large amounts of shirts.

You have several options when it comes to design creation. One way is to pick a design from a stock graphic website.
You can also use a graphic design program that you can find online. You can add text in different fonts, clip art, a scan of your created artwork, or your logo.

Or just have our graphic design pros here at Plan B Printing create a design for you.

Keep in mind how many different colors your design has as more colors will typically cost more.

Pick Your T-Shirt Color(s)
White shirts are standard, and they entail the lowest printing costs. You may want to pick a darker color, though that may add about 20¢ to the printing cost per shirt because underlying colors will have to be laid down first for the print to show correctly.

Select Your T-Shirt Type
If you have your own blank t-shirts to be printed on, great! If not, we have a catalog of various blanks for you to choose from.

Amount Of T-Shirts To Be Printed
Decide how many t-shirts you’ll need or want to be printed.
Here, at Plan B Printing, we have a low minimum order of 36 t-shirts.

With your design and t-shirt color choices, we can determine how much your order will be.
For more information about how we factor our prices, you may refer to our Pricing page.

Other fees may include setup charges, specialty inks, shipping charges, and additional charges for rush orders.

Finalize Design & Order
When we receive all above information including your t-shirt design, we’ll mock up your t-shirt design digitally for you to look over and accept. Then just a sign off on the proposal, and we’ll get started.

Then you just wait for a few days, and your shirts will be ready.

That’s how simple it is to create your own silk screened t-shirts when you work with us, the pros, at Plan B Printing.

Call us today at (808) 725-2955 to start your t-shirt printing process. Or submit your inquiry through our INSTANT QUOTE form and we’ll be at your service right away.


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